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Monitor Articles for September 23, 2009

US embassy, offices in South Africa remain closed after terror threat
How will the Honduras crisis play out?
China gets serious about carbon emissions, global warming
Thailand's democracy in turmoil
Afghans on troop surge debate: It's the corruption, stupid.
Thousands of European workers rally against sale of GM's Opel
Britain removes some hurdles to assisted suicide
Brown: Britain prepared to reduce nuclear submarine fleet
Will recession create another 'lost generation' of British youth?
Dust storm covers Sydney in red
Urging Israeli-Palestinian talks, Obama backs down on settlements
Most Iranians support Ahmadinejad and nuclear power, poll finds
Mexico: Grungy mariachi plaza gets a makeover. Authenticity at stake?
Iran's Ahmadinejad questions Holocaust, calls for friendliness
UN global warming summit gets mixed reviews
Health reform has a new messenger: Biden
Colgan Air crash reforms could rewrite rulebook for pilots
Ted Kennedy's friend Paul Kirk now favorite for Senate seat
A global warming summit of good intentions
Qaddafi UN speech: Six highlights - or lowlights?
Failure to advance Middle East peace a setback for Obama
Obama UN speech: all nations have responsibility to act
Qaddafi, Ahmadinejad face protests at UN
If Obama nixes more troops for Afghanistan, what is Plan B?
Terror plot: a failed replay of London and Madrid?
How Spot.Us could help save journalism
Admissions scandal brings down University of Illinois president
G-20 summit: how Pittsburgh plans to handle protesters
At the G-20: Pittsburgh, the former 'Steel City,' has chance to shine
Opinion EU President Barroso: Europe will push its values at G-20 summit
Opinion Brazil's President Lula: The G-20's role after economic crisis
The Monitor's View A message in proposed ban on British alcohol ads
G20 summit: three big agenda items for world leaders
Fed statement: interest rates won't go up anytime soon
Gaddafi? Kaddafi? Qadhafi? How do you spell it?
FOMC statement: US economy has picked up
Money Daily Brief: EU unveils financial reform plan
An extinction that leaves sameness in its wake
Warmer Alaska winters let geese skip trip south
Lines blur between blogs, newspapers
Facebook movie casts Timberlake, Eisenberg
Fisker Automotive lands $529 million White House loan
The coming ebook reader flood
Nintendo to slash price on the Wii
French bill would force ads to disclose Photoshopped images
There is water on the Moon, studies show
The Historian
Guest blog: Nelson Mandela tells his story to children
Dust storm in Australia turns Sydney into Mars
Farmyard consulting
Swine flu – and unlimited immunity
An orchard specializes in pawpaws
A swale idea
Chicago Botanic Garden: Of waterfall and waterfowl