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Monitor Articles for September 2, 2009

Is Colombia's Uribe pulling a Chávez on term limits?
Scottish lawmakers vote against Lockerbie decision
Why Jews see racism in Israel
In Israel's Sderot, a reprieve from rockets, but not fear
What Gaza looks like through four Gazans' eyes
Why Gaza's moderates are losing hope
Suicide bomb kills Afghan deputy intelligence chief
Powerful earthquake hits Indonesia
California's wildfires aggravate budget woes
Journalist's 20-year sentence casts chill in Sri Lanka
Report: Big drop in Afghan opium production
Iran proposes nuclear talks ahead of global summit on sanctions
Pakistan's A.Q. Khan strikes again
Lockerbie bomber hospitalized. Britain's Brown denies deal, again.
Journalists held in North Korea recount their capture
Western envoys: Expect run-off in Afghanistan election
Mexico breathes sigh of relief as hurricane Jimena weakens
Hugo Chávez 'evil axis' tour: Looking for love in all the wrong places?
British PM Gordon Brown: There was no 'double-dealing' over Lockerbie bomber
Tanzania: Hello again ... and again
Labor chief: Public option 'essential' for healthcare reform
Senator Schilling would be Kennedy's polar opposite
Kennedy's Senate seat: How much money do contenders need?
With speech, Obama aims to retake control of healthcare
Conservatives wave red flags over Obama school speech
Schilling as senator? Don't count on it.
Spitzer lands teaching gig at New York City college
Contractors in Kabul accused of 'lewd and deviant behavior'
Post-Katrina 'vigilante' violence: rumor or fact?
US use of private contractors in war hits record high
California Assembly passes diluted prison reform bill
Firefighters' battle to save California town 'truly amazing'
Swine flu roundup: How are US schools, states preparing?
Col. Brett Barkey responds to a Monitor news article
Opinion Can you imagine healthcare town halls in North Korea?
Opinion Should Pakistan prosecute Musharraf?
The Monitor's View Safe driving – for all ages
Talk to the editor: Assessing Japan's big change
Now, a fee for Southwest: $10 to board first
Small business now top source of layoffs
Wildfires – the causes and solutions
Study finds prime time on the Internet is 11 p.m.
Nintendo Wii games are better than ever
When is a Nokia Booklet not a netbook? When it costs $810.
Just Food
Shadow of the Silk Road
The delicate task of revising the Bible
Mango Economics
Privacy and the 21st century