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Monitor Articles for September 15, 2009

Obama's first Somalia strike hits Al Qaeda suspect
Japan's new prime minister – can he fix the economy?
China's citizen petitioners find cold reception in Beijing
Norway reelects center-left government, dimming EU prospects
Europeans set low expectations for Iran talks
Europe's $57 billion plan to put windmills in the ocean
Israeli settlements: Where, when, and why they're built
How to get Mideast peace talks out of 'dark corner' of Israeli settlements
US allows Bagram detainees to challenge detention
Elton John too old, too gay to adopt child, says Ukraine
England: Bring your 'bladder of lard': These ATMs only speak cockney
How does Iraqi shoe-thrower rank among footwear misusers?
US raid in Somalia kills Al Qaeda chief
Iraqi shoe thrower's hero status reveals public distaste for war
Indonesia's Aceh to stone adulterers to death
Sweden: IKEA touts folksy roots. (Yes, IKEA)
Lawsuit to defend Stalin divides Russia
Two NY apartments raided in terror probe
Can Japan's prime minister fix the economy?
UN-backed election body in Afghanistan orders partial recount
White House ties new gas mileage standards to global warming
Schwarzenegger bypasses legislature on clean energy bill
How House has handled other Joe Wilson-like moments
Obama seeks AFL-CIO support in healthcare fight
Joe Wilson rebuke is pure hypocrisy, claims Michael Steele
Sen. Richard Shelby calls for 'immediate' investigation of ACORN
US will join talks with Iran
Nancy Garrido: participant or victim in Jaycee Dugard case?
FBI: violent crime down, but people don't feel safer
Jay Leno ratings: How did his new prime-time show do?
Jay Leno: Five things to watch for in his new show
Hybrid man-eating pythons? Florida is on alert.
Taking Guantánamo detainees could help hard-hit Michigan town
Medical school reinvented: Adding lessons in compassion
Opinion Middle East peace effort's missing key: female negotiators.
Opinion America's got to end its deadly devotion to democracy
ECONOMIC SCENE: Afghanistan will cost US more than Iraq
Bernanke says recession is technically over
Seven cities that surprised in recession
Organic’s crunch: Once high-flying firms face three big threats to growth
US retail sales soar nearly 3 percent
Obama tells Lordstown, Ohio, autoworkers he has 'ton of fight'
Money Daily Brief: Trade walls rising among G20
US stocks hit 2009 highs, but investors cautious
Homeless nuclear waste
Can Google Fast Flip bring print readers online?
Volkswagen's E-Up! An electric car for the people?
Zune HD review roundup: For the 'anything but iPod' crowd
Crop circles, Google Earth, and the logo mystery
Facebook roars past the 300 million mark
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Will "The Lost Symbol" juggernaut revive the Freemasons?
Guest blog: A refreshingly old-fashioned angle on cookbooks
Jobless in Maine
Responsible leadership
Native grasses help reclaim Arizona wastelands
How to root geraniums
Water and how we use it in the garden