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Monitor Articles for August 7, 2009

Brazil oil giant, Petrobras, in corruption spotlight
China on offensive as US weighs tire import curb
Strike on Mehsud could spur stronger US-Pakistan cooperation
Killing of Pakistan Taliban chief could touch off power struggle
Drone probably killed Taliban leader. Is Pakistan safer?
Sri Lanka: Tamil Tiger leader arrest could be key blow
From Somalia to South Africa, Clinton confronts competing demands
Friday's attacks on Iraqi Shiites a worrying sign
Libya: Purity of tribal wedding traditions endures
Illinois corruption includes state's largest school systems
White House stoked about job numbers but GOP despondent
Cash for Clunkers is popular, but is it truly a US stimulus?
Do Americans agree with town hall protesters on healthcare?
Clinton's stop in South Africa is a fence-mending occasion
Latest GOP setback: Florida's Senator Martinez to retire early
Grass-roots food initiative in Africa serves Clinton's goals
Kepler passes first test - ready to hunt for other Earths
Opinion Caveats for journalists in combat zones
Opinion Germany's combat revival
The Monitor's View Is Google playing by the book?
Three days, 20 words, new job
Unemployment rate eases to 9.4 percent
Unemployment wild card: the 577,000 who gave up job hunts
Dow's rebound most explosive in 34 years
How to find jobs through social networks
Need a free place to stay? Try a luxury hotel.
US job losses slow. Time to curb your pessimism?
Attack of the climate spam?
A Pacific island chain with real energy incentive
Was the Kremlin behind Twitter attack?
Telco companies to provide data for broadband map
Physics is always a work in progress
Biodiesel from algae
How WiMax works
The basics: How cloud computing works
OMG! What do people do when Twitter goes down?
Forget clunkers: Tesla profitable for July
Rhino Ranch
Top Ten Julia Child books
Spy Master
"Julie & Julia" & me
Time to let NASA think big and bold again -- for a pittance
Review: 'Julie and Julia'
Review: 'Paper Heart'
Review: 'Cold Souls'
Review: 'The Cove'
In Alaska, farmers' markets sprout 'like weeds'
Garlic can be ornamental as well as tasty