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Monitor Articles for August 5, 2009

Clinton maneuvers testy time for US, Africa
'Stormy' start to Fatah's historic summit
Netherlands' 'little brown bars' buck antismoking regulations
Now sworn in, Ahmadinejad could crack down harder
Morocco suppresses poll despite favorable results for king
Drone strike reportedly kills wife of Pakistani Taliban chief
Iran's Ahmadinejad takes office scorning "scowls" of enemies
Bill brings reporters home from N. Korea. Hillary demurs on nuke talks.
How East Jerusalem went from Jordanian to Israeli to disputed control
West Bank: From the rubble, a home furnishing center rises
What Hillary Clinton seeks to achieve in Africa
Bill Clinton's 'rock star status' delivers in North Korea
Marines retreat from Facebook, will Pentagon follow?
Heroin's comeback: busts at levels not seen since the '70s.
Opinion As a CIA spy, I saw in Iran what the West cannot ignore
Opinion Why can't health insurance be more like auto insurance?
The Monitor's View Clinton 'rescue' in North Korea leaves Obama on the spot
Next big global market: Unhappy women
The real reason for Obama's $2.4 billion electric car grants
US industries press for ‘green’ trade accord
ECONOMIC SCENE: Sanctions on Iran and Israel could defuse Middle East
US job losses reach nine-month low, ADP says
In Indiana, Obama sells small side of stimulus
Coal lobbyists caught forging letters to Congress
Environmental education goes global
Video-compress tech could help lower YouTube costs
Obama gives $600 million to next-gen car batteries
Admiral Mike Mullen, unrepentant tweeter
Nikon pocket cam packs a projector
In Indiana, Obama offers $2.4 billion for clean tech
Scoot Coupe enchants shoppers, frustrates lawmakers
Star Wars fans, may the crowd-source be with you
Dangerous Games
Olive Kitteridge: A Novel in Stories
A cheaper e-book reader is now available
When has a book inspired you to action?
Warmer role for NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope
Noodle-hanging idioms and other inscrutables
Terror – 'it shall not come near you'
A plant explorer travels the globe for rare and unusual Asian varieties