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Monitor Articles for August 4, 2009

Congo: Confronting rape as a weapon of war
In Mexico, ousted Honduran leader boosts bid to go home
China snares NGOs with foreign funding
Evicted Palestinians stand their ground – on thin mattresses
Opposition skips out on Ahmadinejad's swearing-in
Abbas's big move to revamp Fatah
Australian police arrest four accused of plotting terrorist attack
Clinton meets N. Korea's Kim Jong-il
TV station attack: Venezuela's "comprehensive assault" on free speech?
Chile: Political campaign by graffiti
Dems appear to set deadline for bipartisan healthcare
Freemasons to 'Birthers': rise of D.C. conspiracy theories
Alabama county lays off 1 in 4 workers after bond fiasco
GOP senators concede on 'Cash for Clunkers'
Sotomayor is a shoo-in, but the Senate vote still matters
Top five political conspiracy theories
Obama shares a birthday and a smooch with Helen Thomas
Glenn Beck to birthers: Focus on Communists instead
Hecklers turn Democrats' healthcare forums into 'town hells'
'Cash for clunkers': What happens to the old cars
Ooops, Summer and Geithner forget Obama said no tax hikes
Hey it's the president's birthday (wherever he was born)
Lou Holtz for Congress? What about that Hitler comment though?
White House and Drudge go mano a mano
Obama sings Happy Birthday to himself (and Helen Thomas)
Detained hikers stir memories of Iran hostage crisis
Will nukes creep into Bill Clinton's North Korea agenda?
Burress's legal Hail Mary pass falls short
Opinion Success in Afghanistan lies where religion and politics meet
Opinion A slice of life from an Army wife
The Monitor's View A surge, please, on state bans against TWD (texting while driving)
Banks slow to modify mortgages
With foreclosures rising, why is housing market improving?
Consumer spending up in June
US home sales up – for everyone but the rich
US personal income falls. Blame the government.
Who's No. 1 in aiding mortgageholders? Think small.
Does 'cash for clunkers' work?
'Clunker' consumers not buying gas guzzlers, study finds
Secrets to blogging fame from Julie Powell
Want cell service abroad? Try a cheap local phone
Smart-phone app lets you do good deeds in your spare time
RadioShack hires the wrong branding consultant
For US Marines, a ban on Twitter and Facebook
Forget the recording studio, just use an iPhone
Inherent Vice
Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl
"Books are magical": I agree
"Twilight" overtakes "Harry Potter"
Get ready for the Perseids, a summer shower of a different sort
When mermaids march to the sea.
Man's (and woman's) best friend
A serene garden just steps away from a busy road