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Monitor Articles for August 3, 2009

China censors Namibia corruption case that may touch president's son
Afghanistan attacks underscore insurgents' growing reach
Pakistan's Christians protest lack of protection after deadly rampage
Why Lieberman, Israel's anti-Arab leader, could resign
US mulls new Iran sanctions as Ahmadinejad endorsed as president
How the war in Iraq has shaped a new US military mind-set
'Beach' in the city offers respite for ordinary Parisians
Israel's Jerusalem evictions defy Obama, undermine peace process
Britain: In Trafalgar Square, the statues are alive – literally
Difference Maker People making a difference: Emily Pozo
How green is cash-for-clunkers program?
Gibbs closes the door on tax hikes
Three senators hold healthcare reform in their hands
Read their lips: Mixed signals from Obama team on taxes
Should CNN attack its own anchor over 'birther' flap?
2008 US election: What youth revolution?
Palin speaks at NRA event -- receives a bunch of awards
Birther leader Orly Taitz implodes on MSNBC
What are the chances Obama will read your letter to him?
Turbulence is leading cause of air flight injuries
Opinion I cn txt n drv btr thn u
Opinion End the Fed? A not-so-crazy idea.
The Monitor's View Georgia's best defense against Russia: democracy
Auto sales revive amid 'Cash for Clunkers' program
S&P breaks 1000 for first time this year
Beef producers, the next cutting edge for rain forest conservation?
With search, size matters, says Microsoft
Behind Google's move, a growing rivalry with Apple
Concerns remain after Google-Apple board resignation
Four ways to help pilots avoid turbulence
'Socialist Joker' Obama portrait goes viral
Gawker is down. What's a blog monger to do?
Bogus ATMs discovered at Vegas hacker conference
With Knowledge Genie, a tool for teaching the world what you know
We Two: Victoria and Albert
Monitor Books - Aug. 3, 2009
The Whistling Season
Here's a new one: a virtual book potluck
No more novels for Larry McMurtry?
It's a dog's life
Mosque modern
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor's staff
Fabulous figs
AIDS – and the deep realism of Spirit
A parking lot becomes an heirloom garden to benefit abused women
It's the world's most popular rose