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Monitor Articles for August 27, 2009

Where were the birthers in 1881?
A girl's journey: From dollar-a-day Malawi to elite US prep school
Will Zuma get tough with Mugabe?
Rural Japan warms to opposition as election looms
US applies Colombia antidrug lessons to Afghanistan
Do women make better riot police?
Palestinians say full settlement freeze is precondition to new peace talks
Yemen's instability could draw regional players into fray
Why Taiwan invited the Dalai Lama to visit
Dutch officials try to stop global sail by 13-year-old girl
Thailand: Canine ambassador makes case for street dogs
Iran's leader says Western agents not to blame, after all
Where in the world is Sarah Palin?
For Massachusetts mourners, Kennedy was 'one of their own'
Impeachment in S.C.? State GOP may decide this weekend.
Can Senate pass health bill without Kennedy?
GOP downplays impact of Kennedy on healthcare vote
Kansas pol seeks one 'great white hope.' Experience necessary.
Jenkins says press got it wrong on 'white hope' comment
Sarah Palin lends beleaguered Glenn Beck a helping a hand
Mitchell, Netanyahu report 'good progress' in Mideast talks
Pentagon's urgent bid to counter Afghan roadside bombs
90,000 flu deaths: Where did that number come from?
Opinion Sweden's shame over Israeli 'organ theft' nonstory
Opinion Healthcare reform doesn't have to be a federal trap
The Monitor's View Is this Japan's turn for revolution?
Talk to the Editor with John Yemma for August 27: Politics
New forecasts: better US economy, fewer jobs
Out of work? This week's most intriguing job offers.
One sunspot mystery solved, researchers say
The next major threat to the ozone layer: nitrous oxide
Earth Talk: Sizing up oil shale as a possible resource
Microsoft cutting price of high-end Xbox 360
GM returns to Cold War fear in talks to sell Opel
Looking for shopping deals? Try Twitter.
Searching for Snow Leopard? Careful.
Young Woman & the Sea
IndieBound* paperback bestseller list 8/27/09
IndieBound* hardback bestseller list 8/27/09
IndieBound* children's bestseller list 8/27/09
Once Upon a Town
Speculation over Oprah's next book pick
Kiss this planet goodbye! (No, not Earth)
Summer and Salt Water
An orchestra for the engagingly incompetent
How less can become more
Arizona volunteers catalog thousands of plants
The Transplanted Gardener meets the not-so-big bamboo