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Monitor Articles for August 18, 2009

Interim Honduras leader rejects return of Zelaya
Taiwan president under fire over typhoon response
Kim Dae-jung: controversial bid for 'sunshine'
In Pakistan's Swat Valley, boys – and girls – crack open schoolbooks once again
Afghans shrug off fresh Taliban attacks
Why Lockerbie bomber is likely to be released
Mubarak meets Obama to patch up US-Egypt relationship
Mubarak team seeks to revive wilting carrot for Arab-Israeli peace
Pakistan captures Taliban spokesman
Thailand: 70 years of traditional brew
Josh Penry: Hoping Colorado is ready for generational change
Kelly Ayotte: GOP gambles with a fresh, female face in N.H.
Who still wants to be a young Republican?
Rick Baker: Lessons from a successful Florida mayor
How Obama can get out of healthcare ditch
Snapshot of US political parties since 1900
Ted Cruz: A GOP bid in Texas to win the Hispanic vote
The reshaping of the GOP
Tom DeLay's second act is dancing
Remembering breakfast with the 'Prince of Darkness'
Obama vows to bring his reform agenda to the Pentagon, VA
How will NATO protect Afghan voters against rising violence?
Opinion My clunker has a right to life
Opinion A health insurance lawyer takes on industry scare tactics
The Monitor's View Obama's shout-out for Mexico's drug war
US cars are finally a match for Asian autos, consumers say
Is 'Cash for Clunkers' stalling out?
Home Depot earnings stoke optimism. Is it misplaced?
US housing starts fall, ending two-month rally
After slow start, more IPOs predicted in 2009
PS3 price cut by $100; slimmer model to come
Sunrise for solar heat power
EU to look into exploding iPhones
Creator of 'Joker' Obama image unmasked
Artist finds inspiration in Google Maps
Apple Tablet release date pushed back?
The Immortals
A Three Dog Life
The lost art of reading
Scientists find a building block for life in a comet's halo
I shall not be Kindled
Our spiritual defense against the flu
One town and 26 public gardens = free food
The Edible Explorer: godwottery or not