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Monitor Articles for August 13, 2009

Hillary Clinton, in Liberia, targets good government
Honduran protestors target Dunkin Donuts, Burger King
Afghanistan's answer to 'The Daily Show'?
Why Iraq bombings are spiking
Israel killed Palestinians waving white flags, report says
Algeria hosts regional summit amid rise in terrorism
N. Korea frees South Korean worker: sign of warming relations?
Intrigue swirls around missing Russian ship
Taiwan asks for global help in wake of typhoon
Deadly Filipino 'slugfest' between soldiers and Islamists
Afghanistan: Youths embrace Euro style
US as a health plan provider? Reform idea losing ground.
Organized armies converge on healthcare town halls
Is Obama's 'let's talk' diplomacy failing?
Hoping to make soccer history in Mexico, US merely repeats it
Big storms in Atlantic hit 1,000-year high
Options narrow for future of human spaceflight
Opinion Will Obama's promises get mugged by reality?
Opinion The real US healthcare issue: compassion deficiency
The Monitor's View Forty years later, what part of Woodstock lives on?
Talk to the Editor with John Yemma for August 13: Africa
Want a US green card? Bring cash.
Why the foreclosure crisis isn't improving
Ford revs up production to meet 'Cash for Clunkers' demand
Growth in France, Germany boosts global economy
US jobless claims rise an unexpected 4,000
US consumer spending is no engine for recovery
Need a job? This week's top 10 intriguing openings.
India's vanishing groundwater
The bumpy road to nuclear energy
Nuclear power’s new debate: cost
Mars by 2030? Nope. Moon by 2020? Unlikely.
Boston OKs bike-share system with a tech twist
The Slippery Year
IndieBound* hardcover bestseller list 8/13/09
IndieBound* children's bestseller list 8/13/09
IndieBound* paperback bestseller list 8/13/09
The Age of the Unthinkable
A new movie version of "The Diary of Anne Frank"
Oops! This planet is orbiting in the wrong direction
No Breeze Intrudes
A powerful spiritual answer to extremism
A quiet revolt against heirloom tomatoes
Rare orchid rises from burned Maryland preserve
Flowers that stand up to August's heat