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Monitor Articles for August 12, 2009

Will Clinton push Nigeria on corruption?
Argentina: Farming crisis batters world food provider
China's stimulus working – perhaps too well
For China, far west is rife with terror plots
Afghan candidates face more vocal constituency: women.
After latest sentence, Germans eager for Nazi trials' end
Use of drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan: deadly, but legal?
Mexico soccer win vs. US is vindication for many grievances
A break in the clouds for typhoon-hit Taiwan: 1,000 survivors found
Germany: Dresden's World Heritage status falls to modern development
Pakistani Muslim missionaries killed in Somalia mosque. Why?
Sudanese woman banned from traveling. Her crime? Wearing pants.
US deficit forecast to be four times last year's record
California gay-marriage groups disagree on date for ballot
Obama: Sotomayor's confirmation "a great day for America."
Town-hall outbursts reflect worries of American public
Karl Rove offered to put interrogator on Christmas list
American forces scramble to expand security before Afghan vote
A showcase for senior athletes
Atlantic will produce tropical storm soon, meteorologists say
Scientists spot massive methane rainstorm over Titan
Napolitano on immigration: We're not Bush
Opinion If Uncle Sam becomes your doctor
Opinion France must look beneath the burqa
The Monitor's View China's great wall to foreign green tech
Stocks rally on Fed's word that the economy is leveling off
Luxury firms push ‘eco-posh’
Home prices at record highs in six US cities
Finding the right metaphor to treat climate despair
An electric chopper? What would Dennis Hopper think?
Maine’s windkeepers: From ship masts to windmills
A short guide to tools for citizen journalists
Sentencing looms in HP phone-record scandal
Report: Ad for new Apple gadget filmed at Calif. diner
Watching you watch the Perseid meteor shower
Best Buy's $9.99 Samsung TV, too good to be true
Food52: A delicious crowd-sourcing experiment
Microsoft, Nokia will bring Office apps to cellphones
The Age of Wonder
A Map Of The World
A verified 'encounter' with the reclusive Thomas Pynchon
Which came first, the idea or the words for it?
The Sunday visit
A typhoon, a baby, and spiritual light
Garden gadgets in tune with nature
The Rose Whisperer: More brilliant jewels in the summer garden