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Monitor Articles for August 11, 2009

Latin American Jews contend with spike in anti-Semitism
Aung San Suu Kyi verdict draws international ire
Ten years on, Russia's Putin has gone from 'nobody' to unshakeably powerful
Abbas emerges stronger from Fatah conference
Turkey offers water for Iraqi crackdown on Kurdish rebels
Pakistan, Taliban battle over militant chief's death
Move over, Nicolas Cage. Real "Lord of War" beats arms rap in Thailand.
Typhoons' destructive wake tests Taiwan, China, Japan
Rape in Congo: What got me was the laughter
India wary as China conducts biggest "long-range" war games
Spain: Underground revival
Obama delays immigration reform - at great risk
Obama steps up attack on healthcare status quo
Governor Sanford facing impeachment whispers again
Public likes local government, but Washington not so much
Alaska lawmakers undo Palin's handiwork
Palin leaves Alaska with a mountain of ethics issues
Lawmakers' priority during recess: avoid town halls
More US troops for Afghanistan: Are they inevitable?
One man's quest to keep nukes away from Al Qaeda
Eunice Shriver changed views on intellectual disability
From our files: The legacy of Eunice Kennedy Shriver – A short history of the Special Olympics
From our files: Eunice Kennedy Shriver - at jet speed
New York's skies: safe or 'too congested'?
Crowded cells, racial tensions stoke California prison riot
Opinion The war on drugs needs a timeout
Opinion Got milk farmers?
The Monitor's View How to free Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi
Despite TARP billions, bank prospects are iffy, panel finds
ECONOMIC SCENE: ‘Tax me,’ some rich Americans tell Obama
US productivity gain is biggest in six years
Where are the hurricanes?
Another attack downs Twitter, briefly this time
From nets to kilowatts
Straight talk about cellphone ‘Gs’
Tonight at the Royal Opera House, singers belt tweets
Back-to-school arsenal: Pulse Smartpen
GM says Chevy Volt could top 230 miles-per-gallon
Nissan laughs off threat from Chevy Volt
Gravity's Rainbow
Julia Child: "one hot tomato"
Astronomers spot planetary wreckage around distant star
Boots that walked her home
In green pastures – a fresh look
How to care for plants when you're on vacation
The Edible Explorer: Plant now for autumn salads