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Monitor Articles for July 8, 2009

How the Honduras crisis boosts Venezuela's Chávez
What's behind cyber attacks on South Korea, US?
Why China has clenched its fist in Xinjiang
Poised for reelection, Indonesia's president will face challenges in economy, corruption
New UN report takes firm stand on women's rights in Afghanistan
As G-8 convenes in Italy, tough questions of economic stimulus and climate change
Italy's Obama? First black mayor is voice of right-wing party
Fresh drone attacks in Pakistan reignite debate
Suspected North Korean weapons ship returns home
G8: Does world need new rules on food security?
Where rich countries are buying farmland
Argentina: In a '' world, 'floggers' flourish
When Han, Uighurs duked it out in Dorm 6
Sotomayor spin cycle in overdrive – a week early
More economic stimulus needed? Obama rules nothing out.
One man’s quest to size up the Tea Parties
California's budget drama intensifies
A blow for Illinois's Blagojevich in corruption case
Suddenly, Palin lights up the Twitterverse
Greenpeace scales Mt Rushmore - issues challenge to Obama
Voters unhappy in Ohio. It's Biden to the rescue.
Clinton's high-wire act on Honduras
Jackson memorial: Unity the keynote
Losses loom for airlines, but most can stave off bankruptcy – for now
Risking Israel's ire, US takes 1,350 Palestinian refugees
With Michael Jackson, the end of the megastar?
Opinion Why the left misjudges GOP sex scandals
Opinion Sotomayor would have to make value judgments
The Monitor's View Africa awaits Obama's turn on leadership
G-8 agrees economy is bad, but differs on what to do
Asia leads in BofA/Merrill's raised estimates for global growth
Will G-8 countries move faster on climate change?
One way to decide how nations reduce their carbon footprint
Earth Talk: Can you recycle your old mattress?
Google's operating system escalates Microsoft duel
Space Shuttle Endeavor launch could be postponed
Fact: Vin Diesel has 5,148,733 more Facebook friends than you do
Get ready for Chrome OS, Google says
North Korean hackers blamed for sweeping cyber attack on US networks
Tears in the Darkness
Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl
Books Behind Bars
A new way for nations to divvy up greenhouse-gas cuts?
Coming to a movie screen near you, the best in theater
Furloughed but not really free to leave
Making ends meet and finding new beginnings
How to attract birds to your garden
The Rose Whisperer: Meet the beetles