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Monitor Articles for July 7, 2009

Hondurans against Zelaya, but for the rule of law
Was there a coup in Honduras? The answer divides a nation.
What China is doing to quell Uighur-Han unrest
In Afghanistan surge, soldiers negotiate complex web of local loyalties
As US troops move into south, Taliban strike elsewhere
Why Iraq sees success in oil auction
Hamas bends to pressure in Gaza and abroad
US, Israel looking for a way to resolve settlements dispute
Bombings in the Philippines jeopardize peace talks
Insecurity tempers lure of Iraq's oil fields
In Moscow, Obama charms Russians – but not Putin
France: Happy 120th, La Tour Eiffel
In gay-marriage battle, D.C. shapes up as next big prize
Defining the (carefully crafted) terms of healthcare reform
Obama fights for health reform– from Moscow
Bring terrorists to US? Better than leaving Gitmo open, panel says.
Palin for president? She already has a base, poll shows
Signs Obama’s honeymoon may be ending
On Franken's first day as senator, a standing ovation
Obama on Michael Jackson’s role
Obama sees 'positive step' in the shadowing of the Kang Nam
Obama's rating abroad: 61 percent positive. US image: 39 percent.
Now, colleges pay students who defer school for service
Opinion Why China might turn on North Korea
Opinion How to end 'Don't ask, don't tell'
The Monitor's View What price for a nuclear-free world?
The Monitor's View Obama spoke to the Russian people? Nyet.
George B. Merry: reporter's reporter and generous colleague
Next blow to Rust Belt: bankrupt parts suppliers
When careers need reinvention
A first career that's built to last
The tropics are expanding, says a new study
It's National Cellphone Courtesy Month: Please silence your ringtone.
What can we learn from the death of the world's first printed blog?
Gmail says bye-bye to "beta"
In cash-strapped California, plans for a high-speed rail line are rebuked
Rocket Men: The Epic Story of the First Men on the Moon
Roads to Quoz: An American Mosey
Thanks to Kindle, it's a strange new world
Romance at the Ivy League
The splendor of the Milky Way's Swan Nebula
An afternoon at the lake
Employment statistics don't tell all
Tips to keep deer and other wildlife from munching your plants
Should the sunflower replace the rose as the national flower?