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Monitor Articles for July 6, 2009

Mexico's ruling party loses ground in midterm election
Honduras showdown: In the air and on the airwaves
Deadly riots in western China take unprecedented toll
In Bulgaria's prime ministerial race, a former wrestler scores a big takedown
Iran's seat of theocratic power
In Palestinian town, business booms after Israel relaxes checkpoints
Ethnic unrest turns to deadly riots in China
Obama, Medvedev cite strong start in 'resetting' relations
One president for 27 nations: Can Tony Blair lead Europe?
Spain: Fruit salad on a stick? Historic market adapts to stay alive
Sources in Urumqi? They're (very) hard to come by.
Difference Maker People making a difference: Garry Delice
McNamara stuck to Vietnam War despite doubts
Where does Palin's exit leave GOP for 2012?
US, Russia deal would cut nukes to post-cold-war lows
Opinion Nigerian car thief turns into goat!
Opinion A Nobel Peace Prize for Twitter?
The Monitor's View When the elected, like Palin, exit badly
Bankruptcy judge approves plan for a smaller GM
How can US dig out from 9.5 percent unemployment?
How much will you be worth, college student?
Will we empty the oceans?
World's oldest Bible now preserved online
CompuServe Classic, a relic of the dial-up days, finally bites the dust
How to figure out someone's social security number
Your iPhone battery life, to the second? Yeah, there's an app for that.
Sirius XM iPhone app exceeds a million downloads even without Howard Stern
Electric bikes at Best Buy? Um, OK!
Amazon takes one more step toward in-book advertisements for the Kindle
Monitor Books - July 6, 2009
Ten Second Staircase
The next big cookbook: Korean?
Who goes to book clubs?
Will the condo walls come tumbling down during fake quake?
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Conducting with electricity
Summer of dance!
The view from above
Toward greater stability
A palette made of flowers
Summertime is watermelon time