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Monitor Articles for July 29, 2009

Nigerian forces move in on Islamist radicals
Possible US-Colombia military deal raises regional tensions
Thailand cracks down on Web users for royal 'slurs'
Massive bomb in Spain signals a militant group determined to fight on
Why Iran's conservatives are airing their dirty laundry
Arabs losing hope in Obama's ability to broker Mideast peace
Islamic militancy in Bangladesh shows new signs of life
Columnist compares Iraq war to Philippines. Blogosphere objects.
Spain: 'Guernica' at rest
Who are the MKO and why did Iraqi forces storm their camp?
Crackdown on Chinese rights groups widens
With Uighurs' Kadeer on the road, China goes on the attack
House set to vote on curbs for executive pay
Boehner to Democrats: 'Hit reset button' on healthcare
House takes big step toward healthcare reform vote
Senate veers toward healthcare bill that pleases no one
OMG! Driving while texting might soon be illegal
Four Honduran officials banned from US
Obama will close Gitmo on time, officials say
Gates case: What's race got to do with it?
Jackson probe focuses on powerful anesthetic
Napolitano counterterror policy: Public must play a role
Opinion A day of reckoning for Bush's 'torture' lawyers
Opinion The problem with conservative echo chambers
The Monitor's View California Dream 2.0
Who will survive the solar energy shakeout?
US factory orders up, excluding autos, planes
Microsoft-Yahoo deal: a costly distraction?
Is it a result of climate change or something else? Part 1.
How jellyfish may be stirring the ocean
Lawyer: Song swapper on trial doing 'what kids do'
Astronauts inspect space shuttle ahead of landing
Big boost for Bing in Yahoo-Microsoft pact
Earth Talk: Community-wide solar cuts costs
Nationwide competition hopes to recruit young cybersecurity pros
Is Yahoo, Microsoft pact bad news for Google?
New Twitter welcome page highlights search function
Can 'DJ Hero' yank Activision back from a market slide?
High-tech suits, Phelps, bring high drama to swimming, again
It's time for NASA to hail a space taxi, says panel
Operation Bite Back
Three Cups of Tea
"Mass adoption of e-books is coming"
When you don't like the book you're reading....
Are astronomers watching the beginning of the end for Betelgeuse?
As with his creative works, Merce Cunningham had a vision for his legacy
How not to learn English and other stories
Seeking multi-generational solutions for Social Security
That tantalizing tropical touch