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Monitor Articles for July 21, 2009

Thwarted Taliban attacks a positive mark in Afghan police’s spotty record
Who is really running Russia?
Is Israel serious about closing 23 fringe settlements?
Briefing: Was Zelaya's ouster a coup?
Taliban suicide bombers attack two Afghan cities
Ten countries on the brink of failure
Mumbai attacker’s confession could heighten pressure on Pakistan
Clinton leans harder on Honduran president
Eclipse? India says demons and terrorists and floods, oh my
Britain: Ronald Reagan in bronze
Difference Maker People Making a Difference: Nadia Bitar helps Liberian orphans
Senate cuts F-22 funding: a win for Obama and Gates
California budget cuts deep into healthcare, schools
Dick Cheney: the nation’s best protected author
GOP senators win bid to delay Sotomayor vote
Will Guantánamo close on time?
White House delays report on closing Guantánamo
On healthcare, Obama plays beat the clock
How Jim DeMint did Obama a favor
If a healthcare bill passes, this group might be why
Kirk’s Senate bid a crusade against Illinois corruption
Yee-haw!! Country music bands to perform at White House
McCain apologizes to Jackson Browne for using really old song
US, India agree on nuclear and defense deals
War strains push Gates to expand Army
What has happened to other captured soldiers?
Opinion Pakistan's real battle: government vs. Army
Opinion Obama's disappointing secrecy
The Monitor's View Clinton helps Obama rope in India as potential ally
Huge deficits a risk to job growth, Fed chief warns
CIT plight hints at more bankruptcies ahead
ECONOMIC SCENE: Obama takes first step to redistribute wealth
Interview with media consultant Robert Picard
Bernanke has exit strategy. Will he use it?
What's happening to Yosemite's big trees?
Yahoo 2Q profit up 8 percent, yet ad slump continues
iPhones, laptops send Apple profits higher and higher
Dig the coal, bury the carbon
Make way for the micro mobiles
Feds withheld data on risks of using a cellphone behind the wheel
3121: Capitol Hill gets its own social network
Google Wave: Developers paddle in
Inside the news: The F-22 Raptor warplane
Report: Internet use in Asia, Africa, and Mid-East set to soar
Jupiter's massive scar proves how puny Earth really is
Portrait with Keys
Open Veins of Latin America
Borders hopes to hook teen readers
What's the best use of the public library?
Amateur astronomer finds a hole punched in Jupiter
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Museums' new mantra: Connect with community
Review: 'The Stoning of Soraya M.'
A line between rich and poor
Comfort beyond words
The carefree climbing hydrangea: a tale of patience
Another solution for controlling Japanese beetles