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Monitor Articles for July 20, 2009

Honduras crisis: Critics from both sides slam US
Despite Honduran crisis, Nicaraguan President Ortega launches bid to extend his term
Indonesia hotel bomber: a graduate of jihad 'ivy league'
Pakistani refugees return home – to Taliban
Netanyahu draws red line on settlement freeze
Will Iran's political turmoil shake Hezbollah?
Clinton's India trip could net new defense pact
Armstrong: no longer superhuman?
GOP Chairman Steele's assault on Obama health plan
Democrats battle to regain healthcare momentum
Democrat Cardin rebutts Steele's attack on Obama health plan
Why GOP is trending away from women in state legislatures
Obama gets more summer reading from religious leaders
Mexico's Army is violating human rights, groups say
From our files: An interview with Walter Cronkite
Opinion Are summits of rich Western nations obsolete?
Opinion What if I don't want health insurance?
The Monitor's View 'Do no harm' in healthcare costs
Leading index suggests US economy is mending
Drivers face delays from 2,000 stimulus-funded projects
US leading indicators post third rise in a row
Dow's six-day rally is first since 2007
Pushing for conservation, shark attack victims turn the other cheek
Where should NASA go next: moon or Mars?
Apollo lunar rocks still offer clues to scientists
Spacewalk No. 2 unfolds on 40th moon anniversary
After 1.5 billion downloads, is it time for Apple to redesign the App Store?
With Google Moon, a chance to play among the stars
Barnes & Noble set to open e-book store. The target? Amazon.
Top tech bloggers ding (and ditch) AT&T over iPhone woes
Houston's potty problem: Space toilet floods again
Why Socrates Died
1996 Monitor interview with Frank McCourt
Monitor Books - July 20, 2009
A Stranger to Myself
In appreciation of Frank McCourt
How much personal space is today's writer allowed?
From our files: 'One Giant Leap'
Hope for California's budget impasse
Mushrooms: Shiitakes, oysters, and lion's manes on logs
A moon tree and space tomatoes