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Monitor Articles for July 16, 2009

Pakistan likely to figure high in Clinton's first India visit
Who killed Natalya Estemirova?
In Jerusalem, battle of Palestinian day camps
Chechnya: 'Open season' for killing rights activists?
Harry Potter's global following now includes the Vatican
Rupture of the regime? Iran's nuclear chief quits
Sudan's Bashir cancels trip after Uganda mulls arrest warrant
Britain's ecotown program runs into NIMBY
Paulson to defend bailout response to crisis
Firefighters on Sotomayor: We did not ask for empathy
Lawmakers chide Paulson for 'unchecked government power'
Palin: Voters may not care she quit
OAS chief adamant that ousted Honduran president return
In speech, Clinton reasserts herself in US foreign policy
Why do some soldiers commit violent crime? Army seeks answers.
Ranks of atheists grow, get organized
'Python posse' set to hunt Florida snakes. Is it overkill?
FAA wanted inspections of 737s. Did jet with hole get one?
American Airlines losses point to grim times for industry
Opinion A better way out of debt
Opinion Should blacks get reparations?
The Monitor's View Take the high road on transport
Would a CIT failure derail the economy?
Talk to the Editor with John Yemma for July 16: California
US foreclosure crisis spreads to new states
Job hunting? This week's most intriguing openings.
National parks not always refuges for Kenyan wildlife
NASA refurbishes video copies of moon landing
Wal-Mart takes the lead in green retailing. (Yes, that Wal-Mart.)
Ads: 'Microsoft vs. Apple' heats up
For news junkies, a new tool to sort through the clutter
Practice your magic skills with Harry Potter iPhone app
Bike sharing that creates energy – and pays you to ride?
A Girl Made of Dust
IndieBound* paperback bestseller list 7/16/09
IndieBound* children's bestseller list 7/16/09
IndieBound* hardback bestseller list 7/16/09
A Perfect Mess
Jane Austen: From zombies to sea monsters
Apollo 11 at 40: Restored video helps savor the accomplishment
Prayer for Iran
All about mulch