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Monitor Articles for July 15, 2009

Mexico's drug war: Cartel kills 12 federal officers
Ousted Honduran leader calls for 'insurrection'
Malaysia's opposition leader prepares for sodomy trial ā€“ again
Tour de France: Armstrong's team of rivals
Why some Israeli soldiers are disillusioned by Gaza tactics
Why Palestinian leaders have banned Al Jazeera
China warns citizens in Algeria of Al Qaeda threat
Will Nigeria's MEND militants honor their own ceasefire?
Iran airline crash: What's the Russian jet's safety record?
NAM summit: starring Castro, Ahmadinejad, and the global economy
As Obama presses health reform, GOP unifies
Healthcare reform: Now, the hard part
Sotomayor dodges gun-rights questions
Live from the Sotomayor confirmation hearing: Day three
European missile shield not set in stone, Pentagon says
Who does the law favor in Jackson children custody case?
Opinion TV's insipid commercials, decoded
Opinion What Palestinians really think about Obama
The Monitor's View The gray in 'green jobs'
California: no longer golden? Discuss.
Fed's outlook brightens. Is deflation still a threat?
Dow's star-spangled rally: 10 days too late?
Why NOAA is banning krill harvest off the West Coast
City bees are all the buzz
Apple disables iTunes sync feature on Palm Pre
NASA fuels shuttle for 6th launch try
A plan to put an Amazon Kindle in every backpack
Is the screen on Amazon's Kindle 2 prone to shattering?
Bing continues to climb. What's Microsoft's target? (Hint: It's not Google.)
Mobile Google Voice apps put Google in middle
How the Beatles Destroyed Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll
A Memory for Wonders
Strange times for authors
Shuttle Endeavour finally heads for the International Space Station
A prayer for peace in Xinjiang Province, China
Garden travel: A grand invitation to Delaware's Nemours Estate
My least-favorite garden chore