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Monitor Articles for July 14, 2009

Tapping Dumbledore's wisdom
How one youth was drawn to jihad in Somalia
Drug cartels launch Mexico's 'Tet offensive'
Is China spying on Uighurs abroad?
What makes this Bastille Day different?
Anger China or defend Uighurs? Turkey walks fine line.
Why US diplomats are visiting Israeli settlers
In Israel, US envoy maps peace with Syria
Has Ahmadinejad lost his global following?
Iran executes 13 Sunni rebels
Honduras: Deciphering poll numbers
Charles Taylor at the Hague: Theatrical defense reminiscent of Hussein, Milosevic
Obama directs $12 billion to community colleges
Interest groups complicate California’s budget woes
With Congress looming, lenders cut sweet deals
Sotomayor: 'wise Latina' a bad choice of words
Sotomayor won't budge on ‘reverse discrimination’ ruling
Live from the Sotomayor confirmation hearings: Day two
Pakistan begins returning Swat Valley refugees home
US-Cuba to talk about immigration
The Air Force's new poster boys: drone jocks
More troops lost to roadside bombs: a familiar pattern
Pentagon deploys new troops to Iraq, with a twist
Military precision of Florida slaying is worrisome, analysts say
What could have torn a hole in jet? Experts stumped.
Blacks' test scores lag, but New Jersey is a bright spot
Opinion Should Obama talk to Ahmadinejad?
Opinion Ricci and the future of race in America
The Monitor's View Facts, then feet on the moon
Is US poised to bail out another financial institution?
Palin misses mark on cap-and-trade critique
Even college grads are signing up for food stamps
Optimism fades among small-business owners in US
Intel, Dell sending mixed signals on tech recovery
Climate change could redraw national borders
Comcast online video trial grows to 23 networks
Dell sees US PC market finding its low point
'Chalkbot' tweets the streets of the Tour de France
Office software susceptible to attacks from hackers, Microsoft warns
Obama's teleprompter hurls itself to an untimely end; the world reels
A reminder from a Staten Island teen: Look up from your cellphone
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Feasting Season
Fresh from Venus, hints of an ancient ocean and a restless crust
Review: 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'
Love – the ultimate motivator
A guide to the season's most tantalizing tomatoes
Have you tried asparagus peas?