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Monitor Articles for July 13, 2009

Japan's embattled ruling party sets date for election
Afghan election: Can Karzai's rivals close the gap?
Troop deaths in Afghanistan rattle Britain
Will Nabucco pipeline deal free Europe from Russian gas?
Next flash point in Iran face-off: Friday prayers
Sohrab Erabi: a new martyr for Iran's protesters?
Media report: North Korea's Kim Jong Il has cancer
Unrest in Xinjiang: Where's the Muslim outrage?
Sotomayor hearings begin with debate over judges' role
Obama's agenda at risk in push for CIA inquiry
Sotomayor opens by stressing fidelity to the law
Live from the Sotomayor confirmation hearings: Day one
A new commander to train US drill sergeants? Yes, ma'am!
Drunken driving is down. But what about drug use by drivers?
Opinion Nearly all my professors are Democrats. Isn't that a problem?
Opinion Iran's nuclear program: three lessons for Obama
The Monitor's View Obama is absent on campaign-finance issues
As oil prices fall, fewer wells drilled in US
Which nations will advance? Watch their 'Legos.'
Ecosystems respond well to restoration
Office 2010 test opens; free Web versions later
NAACP to use latest technology to fight racism
The new science of glass
Apple quietly updates In-Ear Headphones
Will the future of green energy sprout from the dry, arid Sahara Desert?
What's cooking? Twitter heats up the kitchen.
Morgan Stanley intern disses Twitter, shakes up industry
Dell Inc. down in the dumps again, dude
The Wild Marsh
Monitor Books - July 13, 2009
Brutality on Trial
An inter-generational reading of 'Twilight'
Harry Potter film No. 6: How true to the book?
Bad weather grounds space shuttle for third time in four days
Cats mix a cry and a purr to score a meal
A sure defense from attack
Preserving cut flowers