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Monitor Articles for June 9, 2009

Cheers in Nigeria after Shell agrees to pay $15.5 million
US may punish Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega with $64 million aid cut
In Colombia, FARC rebels strike back
Afghans fight flow of drugs and guns fueling Taliban insurgency
Can Mitchell, now in Israel, calm settlement dispute?
Mosque attack kills 12 in Thailand
Brazil: Don't blame it on Rio
New Orleans mayor, quarantined in China, is curiously quiet
Air France pilots urge change in air-speed sensors
GOP's new Sotomayor strategy: Attack Obama
Jailed journalists complicate Obama's approach to N. Korea
Boston Globe: A vote on the future of newspapers?
Africa contributes biggest share of new members to Christian Science church
What next for Boston Globe: wage cuts or renewed bargaining?
US high school graduation rate climbs to 69.2 percent
Opinion As the Globe reels, papers must drop elitism
Opinion Five questions for Sotomayor
The Monitor's View Making college more affordable for poor Americans
Today's coverage: Sotomayor faces new rules, Shell strikes deal, Globe doesn't
The challenge of fair-trade chocolate
Gas prices keep going up, but an end is in sight
ECONOMIC SCENE: Why does healthcare reform founder?
Obama urges Congress to pass spending limits
US wholesale trade falls 0.4 percent
Here comes the recession-chic bride
Ten US banks to repay TARP money
How green are trains, public transportation, and hybrid cars? It depends.
Cash for (lawn) clunkers
Your idea, "printed" in 3-D
Google CEO: Bing nothing to worry about, yet
Ransoming data: The new weapon of choice for cyber criminals?
With launch of 'vanity' URLs, everyone can claim a piece of Facebook
TomTom, iPhone, and the death of "unitaskers"
Bing bing! Report shows Microsoft's new search tool off to strong start
To woo businesses, Google dresses up like Outlook
The Teeth May Smile But the Heart Does Not Forget
Gandhi, Obama, and the simple truth
The world's 10 best bookstores
Urban living, big-box style
Beyond the question of age
When good plants go bad: The transplanted gardener on green meanies