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Monitor Articles for June 3, 2009

'River' of US guns also flows north of the border
Tianamen's legacy of boldness
North Korea to put US journalists on trial Thursday
One party for all of Europe? Libertas debuts in EU Parliament election
Obama vs. bin Laden: A battle for Muslim hearts
Obama visits Saudi Arabia, Cairo – why not Israel?
In Mideast, Obama faces tough crowd: Here's what they want to hear
Al Qaeda-linked militant group in Mali executes British hostage
Panama: Graffiti on wheels
Zuma promises 500,000 new jobs. Can he deliver?
OAS welcomes Cuba back after nearly 50 years
Fed chief calls for deficit control. Why now?
Sotomayor on tape: What she said in firefighter race case
Obama fast-tracks healthcare reform
Sotomayor and race: reverse-discrimination ruling rankles
Giant smiling Ronald Reagan statue unveiled by Nancy Reagan
In Afghanistan, time is running out, Pentagon worries
Opinion Redeem the prison generation
Opinion Obama versus Muslim conspiracy theories
The Monitor's View As road fund dries up, drivers must pay up
Today's coverage: Sotomayor's words in court, Obama's message to Arabs
Laid off? Don't pitch your business card.
Bernanke: Exit strategy could take five years
US lost 532,000 jobs in May, ADP says
Greenhouse gases and our perception of risk
It’s a landfill – and an ecopark
Nix "netbook"? Hey, Microsoft, what's in a name?
iPhone to get an FM radio? Let the rumors fly!
On the eve of Tiananmen anniversary, a new tool for tracking Web outages
Can you really advertise for a search engine? Ask Bing.
These batteries are made for walkin’
Google launches a new search tool. But will it be too complex for users?
Conan's "Tonight Show" taunts Twitter
Turn Away Thy Son
How to read David Foster Wallace
Air France tragedy: Time to require black boxes that float? (They exist)
Camp With Oxen
Reversing the spread of nuclear weapons
Garden 'siteseeing' in Australia, Alaska, Florida, and New York