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Monitor Articles for June 26, 2009

A politically perfect summer vacation for the Obamas
As more flee Somalia, world's largest refugee camp feels the pressure
For Haitians deported from the US, an unlikely welcome-home committee
In Argentine politics, all roads lead back to 'Evita'
Burma (Myanmar) presses rebels in bid to eliminate armed opposition
Global reach of Spain's courts curtailed
US forces withdrawing from Iraqi cities will move instead to encircle them
US sends weapons to Somali government
High stakes for the 'ruling couple' in Argentina's election
United States: A new kind of Mainer
In the Bible Belt, Mark Sanford's anguish opens door to forgiveness
House passes major climate bill on close vote tied to cost
Cost of government bailouts headed down, but they'll still be huge
Chamber of Commerce: House climate bill adds to uncertainty for business
A tooth-and-nail fight in House over climate bill
Obama's thoughts on Michael Jackson's death
Robert Gibbs gets dunked by reporters (does not drown)
Obama on Michael Jackson - why no official statement?
Sarah Palin fights back -- slams John Kerry
Congress grows impatient on Iran, N. Korea, vows action
US general: Prepare for terrorist tactics from North Korea
Obama: Bloodshed in Iran affects prospects for US dialogue
Merkel and Obama don't always see eye to eye
D.C. Metro crash highlights underfunding of public transit systems
Jackson: the definitive superstar of the MTV-era
Michael Jackson's famous glove: where it all started
Search for Air France black boxes expected to continue
Teenage sensation emerges on the race track
Opinion The new bond in town
Opinion How Confucianism could curb global warming
The Monitor's View A big chill in global-warming bill
Consumers less gloomy, but they're still inclined to save
Rise of the 40-something intern
Résumé-building vacations for the out-of-work
America's welfare state accelerates
US personal income gets timely help from stimulus
What temperature is the Earth supposed to be?
The hunt for astronomical gold in familiar phenomena
The biggest problem facing Bing? Loyalty to Google.
Jackson's music dominates iTunes, Amazon
British politician clears himself of involvement in Twittergate 2009
As iPhone contracts expire, Sprint and Palm wait with open arms
The bar code celebrates its 35th birthday
Michael Jackson's death leaves door open to hacker threat
The Secret Speech
The Gardner Heist
Is Jon and Kate book still appropriate?
Who will be the bards of suburbia?
Tales of brave Ulysses
Finland's tango fever
Review: 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'
Review: 'The Hurt Locker'
Review: 'Chéri'
Review: 'My Sister's Keeper'
Safe travel – citywide and worldwide
Kids in the garden