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Monitor Articles for June 16, 2009

Aid groups return to Darfur – with new names
Mexico's drug war seeps southward, too
Chinese waitress freed after killing official – and winning nationwide support
For Gitmo Uighurs, new life is no walk on the beach
Obama's offshore tax reforms prompt jitters in Ireland
Iran and Russia nip at US global dominance
Eyewitness: Iranian militiamen shot 300 rounds during Monday's protest
Why Israel and Hamas are meeting with Jimmy Carter
Yemen hostage killings: the work of Al Qaeda?
Tamil Tiger leader announces 'new government' to pursue autonomy
Greece: Play tackles social taboos
After Letterman apology, what's next for Palin?
Obama team pushes its reform plan for financial regulation
Harvest time at Michelle Obama’s garden
On White House visitor list, Obama’s 'transparency' is murky
Guantanamo Bay detainee: I make up stories
Global warming affecting every corner of the US, report says
Obama and Lee Myung-bak both condemn North Korea
Former White House Press Secretary Brady visits briefing room
Obama "struggling" to control smoking habit
CIA declassifies report on Israel’s nukes
Regulatory revamp for lending industry
L.A. in economic shambles but can spend $1 million for a parade?
Park in your own driveway? You're a criminal!
In amazing show of athleticism, Obama kills housefly in mid-air
Palin accepts Letterman apology for joke about her 14 year old daughter
Bill Clinton can't help himself, holds forth on Netanyahu speech
Does Obama still want to engage Iran?
US, S. Korea pledge solidarity against nuclear North
Supreme Court takes up property-rights case
Surprise outcome of museum shooting: gay rights
NASA resets shuttle launch for Wednesday
Opinion In France, Cézanne's legacy confronts high-speed rail
Opinion The private health industry's time is up
The Monitor's View To shop, or not to shop?
Tuesday's coverage: witness in Tehran, banned in Darfur, housing starts
Seven steps to reviving Michigan
US housing starts up surprising 17 percent
Next target of Madoff case: his wife?
US industrial production down, idle factories at record
Behind MySpace cutbacks, a quandary over online ads
US producer prices: a new sign of deflation?
How will climate change affect where you live?
Earth Talk: The most energy-efficient way to heat a cup of water
AcceleGlove: The future of motion at your fingertips
Senate showdown: Kerry takes aim at Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T
Bezos: Amazon could open up its Kindle to other ebook formats
Microsoft goes after click-fraud clan
RIM unveils newest member of the BlackBerry family: the Tour
Is the Internet cutting into family time?
D'oh! With help from TomTom, Homer Simpson could be your co-pilot
Shop Class as Soulcraft
On Bloomsday 2009, a pair of presents for James Joyce fans
Moon, Mars, Venus, and the Pleiades -- an early morning treat
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Notes on a bridge
Beached humans prove trustworthy
'Who is my mother? Who are my brothers?'
The Transplanted Gardener: What’s black and white and mulch all over?