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Monitor Articles for June 12, 2009

In Somalia's break-away corner, an oasis of stability
Embargo on Cuba loosens, by stages
Dalai Lama takes his case to Chinese émigrés
Australia tries to stem fallout from attacks on Indian students
Pakistan attack targets moderate cleric
Susan Boyle: Latest star in music's new business model
Election: Iran's decision to oust Ahmadinejad – or not
In Iran, candidates cap a bitter campaign
In Italy, Qaddafi takes page from Berlusconi: Meet with the ladies
Ahmadinejad's reelection prompts mass protests in Iran
US general heads to Afghanistan to develop new strategy
Germany: Farewell to wood heat?
If there’s a knock on Sotomayor, it’s not inexperience
Key health care senators have industry ties
White House: US may confront ships near North Korea
Locations of high-risk US coal ash sites to remain secret
US House panel bars benefits for Gitmo detainees
Calls soar to hot lines helping smokers quit
Obama on healthcare reform: Mr. Flexible
US Marines will exit Iraq by spring of next year
Winners and losers in an all-digital TV world
Did Air France Flight 447 break up midair?
TV crews flee Hollywood for...Hoboken?
Holocaust Memorial shooting renews concern about military vets' ties to extremist violence
Opinion Obama's link to the Muslim world: Turkey
Opinion Obama shouldn't lump the right-wing as one
The Monitor's View How government must influence executive pay
Friday's coverage agenda: Iran votes, China censors, Security Council meets
Higher gas prices lead car shoppers to think ‘small’
A shift in home economics
In limelight for Barclays deal, BlackRock also faces controversy
Summers: Obama doesn't want to sell cars
Fewer car dealers: Good for GM, bad for America?
US consumer sentiment rises (but it's really stalling)
Search for Air France wreckage spotlights problem of ocean debris
West Virginia names coal as its official state rock
Digital TV transition hits - what you need to know
China’s censorship software found faulty
Scribd, the YouTube of e-books, signs major new deal
Browser wars: New Safari soars, leaving competitors in the dust
NASA readies for blast off and a new record aboard the space station
EU watchdog: Microsoft concessions don't go far enough
Dell tweets to the tune of $3 million
Facebook's vanity URL promises to be a test for the fast of thumb
Google News now linking to Wikipedia – a recipe for disaster?
The Signal
The Lost City of Z
Attention, aspiring book critics: It may be time to hit the record store
Review: 'Moon'
Review: 'Tetro'
Review: 'Séraphine'
Review: 'The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3'
Travel books for the inquisitive
Combatting the threat of swine flu
Some roses have it made in the shade, the Rose Whisperer says