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Monitor Articles for May 29, 2009

When D.C. does math, be very skeptical
In Italy, earthquake survivors struggle to make a tent city feel like home
In Paris, numbers – and spirits – of student strikers are waning
Barcelona over Manchester United: a victory for Catalonia
Palestinians wonder: Will Obama make good on his promises?
Egyptian reform activists wary of Obama's visit to Cairo
Obama to announce 'cyber czar' for digital security
Why Germans are starting to strike – like the French
South Korea: ‘Dreamgirls’ with an all-Korean cast
United States: Python proliferation
Can government be trusted to steer a GM bankruptcy?
Breaking news: Obama orders cheeseburgers (Biden not invited)
Obama bobblehead dolls released from captivity - no one harmed
North Korea's next move: long-range missile tests?
What next for North Korea's nukes?
A military answer to North Korea? Not likely.
Obama's strategy for countering cyber attacks
Letters to the Editor
Opinion EU's 'death' is greatly exaggerated
Opinion Graduation calls for Alice Cooper, not old marching tunes
The Monitor's View What's in a name? Ask José and Muhammad
Live Webcast: Talk to the Editor with John Yemma
Today's agenda: Cyberwar rising, GM bankruptcy outlook, German strikes
A Rust Belt city tries to shrink its way to success
Economic Scene: Obama tax hikes would not hit US multinationals hard
Good ways to deliver bad news
Firms that retool and rebound
ECONOMIC SCENE: Why the IMF should lighten up on the world’s poorest nations
Job searching? This week's unusual offerings.
US recession eased in first quarter
Consumer confidence up. Will economy follow?
The school lunchroom grows green
Chevron fights massive lawsuit in Ecuador
President Obama: My campaign was hacked
Google's big Wave (now with video!)
Horizon highlights – DIY edition
No Verizon Pre until 2010
Censoring an Iranian Love Story
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian
Want to sell a book? Try a little romance
A bizarre new solar system, and a new tool for finding it
Taking the artistic pulse of Generation Y
Review: 'Up'
Review: 'Easy Virtue'
Review: 'Departures'
Review: 'The Brothers Bloom'
Point of view: All in a dare
Responding to North Korea