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Monitor Articles for May 21, 2009

Taiwan: Spotlight on the young democracy's judicial system
In Afghanistan, US troops thwart IED threat
Russian history 2.0: Kremlin wants to 'correct' the record.
An Italian prince waltzes into politics
Tamils in Britain and Canada vow to sustain Sri Lanka struggle
Obama demands that Israel stop settlements. How feasible is that?
New York terror plotters wanted to 'do jihad'
Netanyahu's pledge: One Jerusalem, for Israel, forever
A French icon, up in smoke
Report: widespread abuse of Irish children in Catholic Church-run institutions
Dueling speeches: Obama and Cheney
John Cornyn sees opportunity in 2010, says Cheney could be useful
Democrats mount impassioned defense of Pelosi
Nope, Dick Cheney didn't change his mind...
Was Obama trying to run out the clock?
Obama versus Cheney in steel cage wrestling match today
Why California's case against violent video games is a long shot
The torture debate
Obama: Bring Guantánamo detainees to US, detain some indefinitely
Alleged terror plot disrupted by New York officials, FBI
Opinion Republicans need fresh ideas, not a savior
Opinion Secretary Clinton: Dutiful diplomat? Or 2012 candidate?
The Monitor's View Get moving on worker mobility
Today's news briefing: domestic terror plots, video games, and Obama says no to settlements
This summer's gas price forecast better than last
Extreme job hunt: Applicants ditch resumes for guerilla tactics
US leading indicators point to recovery
Job hunting? This week’s unusual openings.
Credit-card firms already trimming rewards
EarthTalk: Environmentally friendly house gutters
Letterman on the Chevy Volt: Oops.
A Google newspaper? Dream on, says CEO.
Stonepicker and The Book of Mirrors
A Pearl in the Storm
How to sell books in a downturn
A nose for stained glass
A prayer for the homeless
Have a safe journey.
The Transplanted Gardener: The dirt on bulbs