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Monitor Articles for May 20, 2009

Is Somalia in Ethiopian Army's crosshairs again?
Guatemala murder scandal could threaten the presidency
Bold prison break? Just another day in Mexico's drug war.
Colombia's Uribe now closer to a third term
Suu Kyi trial in Burma (Myanmar) highlights activist's limited power
A French Obama? Not likely.
Israel abuzz with Obama Plan rumors
Iran tests missile as Obama tests diplomacy
Sri Lanka: War-zone access becomes flash point
Taiwan: Hello Kitty digs her claws in
Arabs' new favorite leader: Hugo Chávez!?!
Difference Maker How to clean up a lake? Floating islands might be the answer.
Why Democrats buckled to GOP fears on Guantánamo
Trouble for federal agency that backs 44 million pensions
Can Schwarzenegger recover from voters' ballot-box blow?
GOP can yet prevail in a diverse America, Barbour asserts
Congressman: FBI should investigate CIA over Pelosi's charge
Sarah Palin's $150,000 wardrobe malfunction ruled OK
Limbaugh appoints Colin Powell head of GOP
RNC drops resolution to call Democrats "Socialists"
With Arabs, Obama never had a honeymoon
Clinton announces $110 million in refugee aid for Pakistan
Shades of Iraq, millions spent in Afghanistan lack adequate oversight
Letters to the Editor
Opinion What Obama's call to national service needs
Opinion Nigeria: So much more than scam artists
The Monitor's View Obama's anger management on abortion
Today's news stories: stopping West Bank settlements, America's waning mobility, and Guatemala's embattled leftist president
Ask the editor: what's new, what's fair, what works
Housing slump rekindles old notion of putting down roots
Advisers to Obama: Kick-start US with clean energy
Americans don't agree about global warming
Did asteroids really do in the dinosaurs?
Paleontologist as rock star: How one tiny fossil sparked a media circus
Craigslist's terrible, horrible, very bad week
Palm Pre: paucity projected, pricing pondered
Gabriel García Márquez: A Life
Utopia or Oblivion
James Patterson offers advice to young writers
Life's foothold on Earth may reach back 4.4 billion years
Groups try musical chairs
A haiku
A changing workbench, but stable work
The Rose Whisperer: Cheers for Bourbon roses