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Monitor Articles for May 13, 2009

US fights Taliban on another front: public relations
Pakistan: Pashtun hospitality for 19 adults, 25 children, and four camels
British Parliament finds steep cost in 'expense' scandal: credibility
At Cannes, vivid and violent films figure prominently
Spike in suicide attacks: Is Al Qaeda in Iraq coming back?
New female judge transforms Islamic court
Pope's urging brings Gaza blockade to forefront
Briefing: The motives and aims of Hamas
US 'Afpak' strategy troubles some in US and Pakistan
Cuba: Cuisine only tourists can afford
US Senate tackles rape as weapon of war
Congress inches toward 'truth commission' for torture probe
Iraq general swayed Obama on detainee photos
Why Washington doesn't want your protest
Only 3 percent of stimulus spent so far
Cell phones turn White House briefing into circus
Palin announces new book - but will it be banned?
What a surprise! Chris Matthews slams Sarah Palin's new book
Cheney supports Bush for president
Soldier rampage hints at stress of repeated deployments
New Orleans' 'Katrina Generation' struggles with drugs and depression
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Obama puts Israel at risk
Opinion What's happened to 'higher' education?
The Monitor's View US drops a ball in Iraq
Today's lineup: Taliban PR, pope's trip, Florida builders
Only 43 homes built in three months? Must be Miami.
Glimmers of hope fading? Retail sales drop for second straight month
The Top 10 green living myths
The 4 most interesting things I read today about the environment
Wool in the wall: a sweater for your home
OpenCourseWare: College education, without the student loans
AT&T to Slingbox iPhone users: No 3G for you
Craigslist shuts its 'Internet brothel.' Will it matter?
A Homemade Life
Bestselling hardcover books, according to IndieBound*
Wives Behaving Badly
Sarah Palin's memoir is already making headlines
Space shuttle grapples Hubble; dances with a star
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
The quest for peace in Iraq
The Transplanted Gardener: scent from above
The Transplanted Gardener: Little landscape lessons