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Monitor Articles for April 30, 2009

In Mexico City, a second 'pandemic': rumors
Why North Korea is ratcheting up its sharp rhetoric
Lithuania considers IMF lifeline to slow economic collapse
Spanish judge opens Guantánamo investigation
Swedish court secures ex-Guantánamo Uighur's asylum quest
Taliban announce 'countersurge' in Afghanistan
Japan and China making historic amends, one humdrum trip at a time
Britain: Free books for commuters
Difference Maker People making a difference: Steve Korman
Formula for an Obama press conference: 13 questions
Former Bush OMB chief Nussle says GOP doomed for now
Biden manages to anger everyone over bad flu advice
Biden's flu safety tips: Don't go anywhere or do anything
Republicans are mounting a comeback (just like the Detroit Lions)
FEMA removes 9/11 coloring book for children from website
Supreme Court weighs fairness of landmark voting rights law
Supreme Court disappoints a bumbling bank robber
Gates's next lever to reshape the Pentagon: QDR
Schwarzenegger tweets about swine flu. So does everyone else.
Letters to the Editor
Opinion We count calories. Why not carbon?
Opinion Stop your gadget greed from fueling tragedy in Congo
The Monitor's View Chrysler in Chapter 11: Better for taxpayers
My part in micro-economics: backyard chickens
Morning briefing: Is the economy on the mend?
Chrysler bankruptcy: speed is of the essence
Older workers and the road to (un)retirement
How Obama could prevent firms from becoming 'too big to fail'
Job hunting? This week's unusual openings.
US pay raises hit record low. So the good news is?
Preventing a 2-degree C temperature rise = almost no fossil fuel use
The worst air in the US? It's not in L.A.
Watching a video of a car crash? Let me offer you a new car.
Searching for the next Google
History of God
Michelle Obama as latest "Female Force" comic book star
A father's international flair
What would Arty do?
When you're asked to help
Seedlings in the greenhouse: How do they grow?