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Monitor Articles for April 23, 2009

Venezuelan court orders arrest for exiled Chávez foe
Japan's 'exam hell' now reaches into preschool
Pakistan makes show of force against Taliban
New bombings in Iraq steal thunder from top insurgent's arrest
Turkey, Armenia agree on road map to normalize ties
Pirate Bay judge under fire for conflict of interest
Al Qaeda in Iraq leader reportedly arrested amid spike in bombings
Trial begins in Germany for four accused of 9/11-style terror plot
India and Pakistan: Tomato diplomacy
South Africa’s ruling party leads in high-turnout election
Obama wins high marks for foreign policy
Michelle Obama now more popular than Barack
After budget resolution, the real work begins
Obama discusses credit cards and puts staff to sleep
Germans love Bo Obama! Portuguese Water Dogs sell out.
Obama to Florida Gators: Congrats, but college playoffs needed
How many birds hit airplanes? Database will be released Friday
New BlackBerry for Obama?
Reverse-discrimination case splits Supreme Court
Craigslist under fire over erotic ads
Letters to the Editor
Opinion How e-Pulitzers can elevate journalism
Opinion US soldiers are heroes, not terrorists
The Monitor's View A promising rivalry in South Africa
Obama seeks to protect credit-card users
Home sales slide in March
Tax the heirs of the rich (at least of few of them)
Smaller banks overlooked and in trouble
Obama puts pressure on Chrysler
Job hunting? This week's unusual openings
Will Obama credit plan mean fewer cardholders?
Which US cities will recover first?
The pros and cons of wind power are making news
China's green leap forward?
Companies break a link in tradition
One billion iPhone apps downloaded. But how many are worth it?
Patience in an era of 'buy, buy, buy!'
Is anyone awake over at the Apple app store?
Forbidden Bread
Lord of the Rings
Kay Scarpetta comes to life
Potential 'water world' may be just another ice ball
Piracy and divine Love's redeeming power
Today, a garden at the White House – tomorrow, at 50 statehouses?