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Monitor Articles for April 22, 2009

Big turnout in South African elections
Pakistani Taliban advance beyond Swat
The Pirate Bay case: Not necessarily a victory for Hollywood
Despite forecasts, cold front lingers over US-Russia relations
Israeli army admits 'isolated' mistakes in Gaza
Sri Lanka: Is this the 'endgame' for the conflict with Tamil Tigers?
Saudi Arabia: Dining by gender
Petraeus: What I learned in Iraq, and how it applies to Afghanistan
Brazil stimulus does double duty
Madagascar: The little engines that can
Why the UN racism conference 'finished' early
Pelosi: Most lawmakers unaware of spying.
Nancy Pelosi in the political hot seat
Obama’s torture memo two-step
Report says top officials set tone for detainee abuse
Earth Day: Glenn Beck celebrates by cutting down trees
Earth Day: Obama promotes wind, Limbaugh promotes plastic
Hillary Clinton digs Ron Paul
It's Earth Day! Obama and Limbaugh celebrate it differently
Top court clips police authority to search cars
Supreme Court to hear reverse-discrimination case
Supreme Court hears case of strip-searched schoolgirl
Teen Somali pirate to be tried as adult
Katrina trial: New Orleans' truth commission
Letters to the Editor
Opinion How governments bully newspapers
Opinion What are US students learning about Islam?
The Monitor's View Get a grip on Obama's handshake
Geithner recovery plan too cautious?
For investors, large holdings do not always equal big returns
Education gaps create 'permanent recession,' report says
Wanna cut carbon? Build an Earth Day portfolio.
The Earth Day generation
New York considers landmark environmental code
Why ‘more megapixels!’ doesn’t mean better pix
All-you-can-eat entertainment, all for the cost of an Internet connection
Yes, Matt Drudge still matters. For now.
Cheap Kindles, expensive Nokia
Boss to reporters, editors: Get off Twitter
A global ATM skimming ring? From Romania?
The Last Citadel
'Where is the money in e-books?'
Planet hunters find an Earth-mass planet and a potential water world
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Singling out important things
Endangered species – how we can help