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Monitor Articles for April 21, 2009

South Africa set to elect populist Jacob Zuma
Is South Africa about to become more 'African'?
Will the Obama-Chávez thaw last?
Obama drug policy encourages activists in developing world
Can Iraq go it alone?
Obama welcomes his first Arab leader to White House
Accused Somali arrives in US to face piracy charges
The Susan Boyle phenomenon: redefining beauty, grace, and success?
Korea talks: 12 hours of prep for a 22-minute meeting
Canada: Life after newsprint
China: Foreign men lose appeal
Bipartisanship, finally ... on a community-service bill
Obama says CIA memos could yet lead to charges
Is Cheney trashing Obama? Card says no.
Cheney to Obama: Release more of the torture memos
Obama's $100 million budget cut amounts to a cup of coffee
Strip searches in middle school? Top court to decide.
'First real trial' about Katrina under way
Stimulus money puts teachers in layoff limbo
Letters to the Editor
Opinion One way to boost US-China military cooperation
Opinion The naked truth about strip searches in school
The Monitor's View Now the carbon choices begin
Buried by credit-card fees? Washington is on it.
For investors, large holdings do not always equal big returns
Geithner talks tough against Wall Street
IMF: Losses from bad debt grow around the globe
Oracle-Sun deal could transform industry
Can Twitter bring lasting peace to Baghdad?
BYU professor: Colleges obsolete by 2020
Did hackers break into a top-secret USAF program?
Practicing Catholic
Monitor Books - Apr. 21, 2009
A Circular Journey
Too many 'straws' sucking water out of the Colorado River
The Moon, Venus, and Lyrids to put on early-morning show
A priceless collection
Election day for South Africans
Assemble a greenhouse kit? Easy...