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Monitor Articles for April 19, 2009

Nelson Mandela boosts Zuma at final ANC campaign rally
Iran's president makes rare intervention in US reporter's case
Can Iraq go it alone?
Obama torture policies slammed by critics on both sides
Saving the Galapagos means rebuilding nature
Why the US will boycott global racism conference
Where they rebuild nature
Thailand searches for a political exit plan
NATO stops attack by Somali pirates
North Korea wants talks with South Korea
Why shoes – and biryani – fly at India's politicians
Difference Maker A Thai housewife becomes a human rights activist
Chummy Obama, Chávez mark 'spirit of cooperation' at summit
Axelrod comment that tea parties are 'unhealthy' stokes militia fears
The Monitor's View Human-created 'wilderness' in the Galápagos
Poetry collections to cherish
The Shack