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Monitor Articles for April 17, 2009

Lessons for Mexico from Colombia's capture of drug kingpin?
American journalists could be bargaining chips for North Korea
Thai 'yellow shirt' protest leader survives assassination attempt
Chechnya: Russia declares 'mission accomplished' in strong-man state
US reaches out to Latin America – with help from Spain
Thai protest leader's attempted assassination shatters hope for calm
Argentina: A tiff over time zones
El Salvador: A former guerrilla becomes a tour guide
Chris Dodd raises $1 million (but almost zilch from Connecticut)
Sarah Palin's Indiana speech: "You can see Russia from Alaska"
Janeane Garofalo says tea parties were for rednecks
Biden to speak at three graduations - probably won't ad-lib much
Obama heads to summit touting 'broader partnership'
As Obama arrives in Mexico, residents willing to give him a chance
Terror memos authorized harsh interrogation techniques
Opinion Supreme Court's bench has never been less diverse
Opinion The dictator in Iraqi hearts must be toppled
The Monitor's View Obama's too cool on gun restrictions
Twitter jumps the shark: Yemma tweets
Consumers' gloom subsides, but enough to lift the economy?
Why a flight to CDs makes little sense for annuity holders
Citigroup, other banks beat earnings expectations
Antarctic discovery: Microorganisms live millions of years without light or oxygen
Would cash-for-clunkers be good or bad for the environment?
Carbon emissions pose danger, EPA finds
'Pirate Bay' founders convicted by Swedish court
Oprah tweets, Twitter arrives
Horizon highlights – Day at the races edition
The Song Is You
Indie Next poetry bestseller list
The Spartacus War
Free books on London's subway
Who will win the Pulitzer Prize?
A meteor helps reveal West Africa's troubling drought history
EPA and CO2: If the right hand don't get you, the left one might
Review: 'State of Play'
Review: 'Gigantic'
Review: 'Is Anybody There?'
A prayer for soldiers
Readers share their biggest garden goofs