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Monitor Articles for April 16, 2009

Briefing: Who are the Taliban?
Afghanistan's controversial law emboldens women's rights activists
Northern Ireland's full-court press for peace
Pakistani Taliban in Swat refuse to give up arms
Sri Lanka's Army, rebels resume battle near no-fire zone
German lawyers launch pirate defense team
Mitchell visit to Israel: Does Obama's path to Iran pass through Jewish settlements?
International nuclear inspectors leave North Korea
Kosovo: Where hearts were won in the Balkans
Obama talks guns, immigration in Mexico
Tea Party protests: Could they rally change in government?
Drug war at forefront of Obama's visit to Mexico
Piracy now high on Washington agenda
Military services largely on board with Gates's defense budget
Tax Day, 2009: The day the mainstream media died?
New York to introduce same-sex marriage bill
Merchant marine cadets learn real-life lessons about piracy
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Summit needs a strong Obama, not an apologetic one
Opinion The real value of hard times: retrieving our ideals
The Monitor's View Obama's back door to Iran ties
Amid dire economic news, China sees a glimmer of hope
Have your say on CEO pay
How much risk should a 40-year-old investor take?
High-speed rail: Can it work in the US?
US housing starts drop to near record low
Job hunting? This week's unusual openings.
Rising foreclosures weigh on housing market
Clean energy, overpopulation, black carbon, rising sea level, and other environmental news
Common signs that life is built to survive, from humans to bacteria
The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth
The March of Folly
Book returned after 145 years
Pay attention, Bach may be in your backyard
Soon to grow on the moon: Brussels sprouts and flowers