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Monitor Articles for April 15, 2009

How the US crew fought off Somali pirates
Pakistani Taliban expand influence beyond Swat
Suspected Mumbai attacker's trial delayed – again
Protests in Georgia's capital spark new tension with Russia
Battling Somali pirates: Maritime businesses weigh in
Egypt strikes out at Iran's expanding reach
In Lebanon's wild east, Hezbollah finds itself on left foot
Somali pirates launch failed attack on second US vessel
Sticky legal battles await for captured Somali pirates
In Demjanjuk's Ukrainian hometown, memories linger of an infamous son
Medvedev picks Politkovskaya's paper for first interview
Japan: Tight-space farmers
Pakistan: Wheels of social change
Obama aims to take dread out of April 15 -- pays $855,232 in taxes
'Regular Joe' plays a key White House role
Hey, it's the Rod Blagojevich reality TV show - live from a jungle
Internet became dominant force in 2008 election
What is North Korea thinking?
Obama's plan to 'tax the rich': About time, or a big mistake?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion A bold Plan B for North Korea
Opinion New US administration, new take on the 'war on terror'
The Monitor's View Russia goes after election monitors
First-time homebuyers jolt market into life
AAA's bid to unfreeze car-buying market
Economic slump provides tinder for global conflicts
US joins club of deflation nations
Will roadless national forests soon be paved and logged?
Sixth Sense: A Web you can wear
What's the carbon footprint of email spam?
Life List
A Short History of Nearly Everything
Take heart, young writers: Jane Austen too was rejected
COLBERT treadmill? NASA tips visor to Colbert Nation's vote
Spacecraft sees solar storm in 3-D; it's the blob!
Keeping up with the Obamas
Point of view: The Boss
Home for the homeless
My new greenhouse – a cautionary tale