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Monitor Articles for April 14, 2009

As Catholic bishop, Paraguay's president fathered a child
For North Korea, sanctions hold little sway
Thai protesters back down
North Korea quits nuclear talks, vows to resume nuclear program
What terrorist threat? In Indian elections, local issues dominate.
US journalist goes on trial in Iran
Blagojevich case: Will it seal Illinois' reputation as most corrupt state?
'Pig Book': Congressional 'pork' hits $19.6 billion in 2009
Blagojevich to appear on reality TV show in jungle (with court approval)
Obama's dog Bo arrives at White House - chaos erupts
Blago pleads not guilty -- continues audition as stand up comedian
Obama's First Dog Bo -- new photo released!
President Obama's economic speech at Georgetown
Obama's economic speech -- not major, but more of an update
Obama's economy speech -- what's he going to say?
Where will captured Somali pirate get justice?
Decline in blacks in prison for drug crimes reverses 25-year trend
In 'Little Havana,' Cuban-Americans debate Obama's new policy
Letters to the Editor
Opinion The next global economic shock?
Opinion How Muslim countries must deal with radicals
The Monitor's View Bail out Somalia to curb the pirates?
Obama's message on the economy: Trust me
Troubled economy? Tax credits to the rescue.
Retail sales flag, as rising job losses make consumers wary
US retail sales fall an unexpected 1.1 percent
Before Obama, who used 'built on rock' rhetoric?
Who's going to get the carbon pollution credits?
Solar power captured in space, beamed to Earth
This Is Water
The Living
Eager Iraqi readers struggle for access to books
Pesky coconut beetle's backbeat could be its downfall
Warmer temperatures play big role in droughty tree die-offs
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
Inmates at Lebanon’s largest prison take drama to heart
Point of view: The Boss
New light and joy
Will that vegetable garden save the Obamas money?