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Monitor Articles for April 13, 2009

Will pirates join forces with Islamist militias in Somalia?
Thai turmoil escalates as troops hit streets
Lessons from Iraq? US creates local militias to fight Taliban
US universities expand in the Middle East
Sri Lanka: UN urges Tamils to let civilians leave during cease-fire
China issues first 'action plan' on human rights
Georgia protests revive charges of foreign meddling
Michelle Obama’s garden secret
2009 White House Easter Egg Party – change you can roll
Author who featured Obama in dog book feels betrayed by president
Obama's dog Bo: Cute but what about promise to adopt?
Obama's Easter egg roll -- the most exciting one ever
Bilingual briefing is a White House first
Obama eases Cuba travel, but embargo remains
Armed America: Behind a broadening run on guns
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Cap and trade is still the right call
Opinion What Africa's farmers need now: fairness
The Monitor's View A ticket to US bullet trains
Rebuilding nature: a preview of the next Monitor weekly
With tax credit, consumers give turbines, solar panels a second look
Recollection: how gratitude stole the grinch
Offshore tax evaders face carrots, sticks
Obama speeds past his stimulus critics
Are we loving the Galápagos Islands to death?
Secrets to longer battery life
Mr. President, did you consider a robot dog?
Monitor Books - Apr. 13, 2009
Furor over Amazon ranking system
Swiss architect wins prized Pritzker award
Review: 'Sugar'
Anniversaries with a long tail
Protection from deception