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Monitor Articles for April 10, 2009

A texting entrepreneur embodies spirit of a new Rwanda
Six years after Iraq invasion, Jordan still playing host to thousands of Iraqi refugees
Standoff with Somali pirates shows limits of naval response
Kim Jong II promotes brother-in-law, fuels succession talk
German magazine bags Obama 'confession' at G-20
Poll results: Algeria's Bouteflika wins a third term
Iraq: Deadliest attack in year kills five US soldiers
Loyalty on display with Carville’s fundraising pitch for Hillary
Obama's immigration plan a 'poison pill' for Congress
When Mt. Redoubt erupts, these scientists are on the job
Letters to the Editor
Critics say US should attack Somali pirates' land bases
Opinion The injustice of Iowa's ruling on gay marriage
Opinion Bye, Tony Soprano. Welcome back, Atticus Finch.
The Monitor's View On Cuba, Obama must first think of Latin America – and democracy
Google: whipping boy for distressed publishers
Obama's 'glimmers of hope' for economy still faint
Why do firms lobby? A 22,000 percent return.
Yelp lets business owners talk back. Dialogue or argument?
Horizon highlights – FAQ edition
The Weight of Heaven
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase
Meghan McCain sells a second book
Stereo spacecraft set to search for lunar origins
An Easter promise