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Monitor Articles for April 1, 2009

Why Brazil is weathering the global financial crisis this time
China blocks YouTube, again
Bangladesh fights rampant corporate corruption
European workers rebel as G-20 looms
At G-20, leaders look to save economy – and their own jobs
As US pulls back in Iraq, lost urban footholds
Clinton says US met with Iran delegate
Protesters crash the G-20 summit
Obama and Medvedev: nuclear arms talks on the table
Sarkozy threatens to bolt. Brown, Obama don't buy it
North Korea vows to shoot down US spy planes, upping threats
Behind the G-20: A primer
Sarkozy's red lines for a G-20 summit deal
'Mighty Michelle' Obama: Dressed for Queen and country
Senators grill Petraeus on new Afghanistan strategy
New York race undecided, but Dems claim victory of sorts
GOP's budget is worlds away from Obama's
Ho-hum. Another Obama nominee doesn't pay taxes
Obama gives the Queen of England an iPod
Sarah Palin: No soup for you!
Reversing Bush policy, US seeks seat on UN Human Rights council
Letters to the Editor
Opinion What the poor can teach the rich at G-20
Opinion We should share Lincoln's love for poetry
The Monitor's View At G-20, is Obama sincere about open trade?
How the cloud could save the news
US car sales plunge in March
ADP: US lost 742,000 jobs
US manufacturing's decline a little less caustic
More environmental bombshells!
Scientists admit global warming is a hoax (April fools)
Today's top 5 April Fools gags
Is the Conficker scare over?
Imagining India
Hands of My Father
A degree in writing ... computer games?
Peace beyond personalities
When does spring start?