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Monitor Articles for March 28, 2009

Hillary Clinton to Mexico: The US feels your pain
Dispatch from Colombia's newest village
Amid rising tensions, South Korea offers rare glimpse inside military bases
Arab Summit: New Syrian-Jordan unity
Earth Hour: Limbaugh to turn on Christmas lights to celebrate
Dueling videos: Obama and Gregg deliver weekly addresses
Turn out the lights? Not everyone's on board Earth Hour
Letters to the Editor
Opinion 10 terms not to use with Muslims
Opinion The US exit from Iraq: how to steer clear of danger
The Monitor's View Obama's Afghan plan: Leave Al Qaeda to others
Figures in Silk
Love Medicine
More women are reading e-books
A space station that finally looks like a lapel pin!
Review: 'Hunger'
Review: 'Shall We Kiss?'
Review: 'Spinning into Butter'
Review: 'Monsters vs. Aliens'
Opening the door to fresh views