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Monitor Articles for March 25, 2009

Galápagos Islands: Is there room for humans in 'nature's laboratory'?
US tightens up violent Mexican border
$1,000 for a kebab? Afghan villages fight corruption.
In Israel, Labor's move to join Netanyahu coalition draws dovish fire
Philippine militants linked to Al Qaeda threaten Red Cross hostage
My mother’s perspective
No satellite chatter in China
Obama defends recovery plan, cites progress
Budget czar downplays differences between Congress and Obama
Obama rallies Democrats to his budget
Live blogging Blago's radio show on Chicago's WLS
Blago gets offered acting role in Blagojevich musical
Pentagon to show softer side to the world
FBI and American Muslims at odds
Letters to the Editor
Opinion To lift the US economy, lift sanctions on America's foes
Opinion Meghan McCain and the power of sisterhood
The Monitor's View Heading off healthcare inflation
US and European paths to recovery diverge
Geithner to G-20: Stay the course
Airlines hope to avoid bailout or bankruptcy
US bailout backlash: the horror movie?
A global currency? No. A dollar substitute? Maybe.
House passes bill protecting 2 million acres of wilderness
Compressed natural gas clears the air in Bangladesh
Cautionary tales from the social-networking universe
China asserts itself in GPS turf war
China loses YouTube, could get iPhone
Poems from the Women's Movement
The Forest Lover
Christian Book Expo is "a major disappointment"
Picador launches a Twitter book club
Surviving Iraq: A US Army grunt’s tale
'Monitor' cake a hit with several generations
Chefs in the making
After night's deluge
Anticipation before the storm
Comfort after the Montana plane crash
A new vegetable garden in 8 easy steps