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Monitor Articles for March 23, 2009

Hutu rebels in Congo strike back against joint offensive
China targets an academic culture of cut-and-paste
Russia sees chance to boost US ties
Holbrooke: western Pakistan key to resolving Afghanistan war
As US public sours on Afghanistan, Obama calls for 'exit strategy'
Down on Motown
Not down on American drivers
Treasury Secretary Geithner: selling a lending plan and himself
Obama writes letter to Chirac - blogosphere goes crazy
Howard Dean joins CNBC - "That should terrify you"
Economy forces Obama to rein in foreign-aid goals
Was 'Hillary: The Movie' wrongly censored?
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Wanted: elected leaders with international experience
Opinion Gen Y: the next 'Greatest Generation'?
The Monitor's View Reviving cars and newspapers
Wall Street warms to ‘toxic assets’ plan
Low-priced Nano taps into Indians’ aspirations
Tax havens: Can promises to shut them down be believed?
Financial Q&A: Some price advice for investors about to join the gold rush
Can't sell your house in this market? Trade it.
Down times spark start-ups
How to 'reboot' your American dream
New 'heroes' behind rebound in home sales
Dow up nearly 500 points on bank plan
Musical cards
Twitter as customer service shortcut?
As They See ’Em: A Fan’s Travels in the Land of Umpires
Monitor Books - Mar. 23, 2009
The Federalist Papers
Harry Potter vs. Twilight: the video
Female vs. male readers: Anything he can read, she can read better
Britons rally to save red phone booths
Destiny, Columbus, Zvezda, and Colbert???
Joys of the three-hour commute – honest
No limits at this Laotian library
From homeless to actress
Forecasting the future
Garden goofs: If only I’d known then what I know now
Tell us about your garden failures