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Monitor Articles for March 19, 2009

Sri Lanka: dispute over how to help civilians in war zone
Key Afghan insurgents open door to talks
Is access to clean water a basic human right?
Madagascar 'coup' riles African, international allies
Sarkozy's daring design dreams for a new 'Grand Paris'
Azerbaijan vote sets stage for endless presidency
Graveyard, slum, playground
Diplomatic flurry after North Korea seizes US journalists
Israel nabs 20 Hamas operatives in the West Bank
Nostalgic for Paris
Gerry Adams: No chance of Northern Ireland returning to the 'Troubles'
Obama gets mixed reviews on government 'openness'
Michelle Obama reaches out to DC high school students
Senator Dodd takes the heat on AIG bonuses
President Obama makes a Special Olympics joke - staffer apologizes
Obama cracks jokes on Tonight Show - says Geithner is outstanding
Obama's teleprompter launches a website and Twitter accounts
Is Duke's Coach K really upset with President Obama?
Feathery find could rewrite dinosaur history
Letters to the Editor
Opinion The liability of political limbo in Israel
Opinion Bring integrity to the Internet
The Monitor's View Gremlins in Kremlin's arms surge
Fed’s treasury-bond gambit: mother of all rescue plans
Recollection: charity in the lunch line
Before AIG bonuses debacle, a shift toward lower executive pay
AIG is the new Enron
One third of US bird species are in peril
How boats can ride on air
Waterless urinals: Cheap. Green. But many think ‘gross’
iPhone tethering, theft recovery hidden in 3.0 firmware
A Tolerable Anarchy
Brick Wall
The French spite Sarkozy– by reading his least favorite novel?
When NYPD wears a Muslim topi
At three a.m.
Family Reunion
To Andrew: At three months
Wakeful of words (remembering May Sarton)
Temperamental – no more!
Orchids with a Brazilian flair