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Monitor Articles for March 16, 2009

Kidnapping aid workers: part of Sudan's strategy?
Pakistan protests: Pitch rises
Red Cross report says detainees at CIA 'black sites' were tortured
Pakistanis quote from US history
Following Pakistan's protest march, a long trail of Twitters
Salvador’s sleazy campaign ads
Difference Maker New online dictionary redefines 'look it up'
Difference Maker Amid 18 percent unemployment, Indiana county finds unity
Gibbs on Cheney's remarks: "I guess Limbaugh was busy"
Tucker Carlson calls Jon Stewart a cow (a sacred one)
Letters to the Editor
Opinion School vouchers leave too many children behind
Opinion Obama starts well with Muslims but must do more
The Monitor's View Ultimate fix for the global economy
How to earn your penny-pincher credentials
Promo codes: What more online shoppers expect
High quality bonds: an oasis in a dry market
Obama budget: restoring income equality in the US?
Want to keep your job? Be happy.
Financial Q&A: Protect your principal when money is tight
The buyer psychology may be shifting from, ‘Why buy now when I can purchase later,’ to ‘I don’t want to miss out on a recovery’
Obama to AIG: Pay back the bonuses
AIG: We'll pay bonuses back
Idle capacity at US factories reaches record
Is the dye in the Chicago River really green?
A NAFTA for carbon trading?
AT&T's SXSW iPhone debacle (and do-over)
Electric cars around the corner
Why Evolution Is True
Monitor Books - Mar. 16, 2009
With Wings Like Eagles
'Wuthering Heights': hot book du jour for French teens
More church weddings?
A sense of belonging at the art museum
Ties to my culture
With arms wide open: Chinese culture embraced
For a safer world
Get kids outside by creating natural spaces