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Monitor Articles for March 13, 2009

Kenya's power-sharing report card: 'unsatisfactory'
Pakistan’s Sharif capitalizes on lawyers’ march
Pakistan's airwaves: On militant turf, Radio Khyber offers a softer voice
Canadian judge sentences convicted terrorist to 10-1/2 years
School shooting prompts Germans to look at social concerns
Political mud slinging from the pulpit
McConnell sees better days ahead for Steele and GOP candidates
Jim Cramer must be getting PR advice from Roland Burris
Oops! Vice President Biden 'swears' by Amtrak
Animal-rights activists get personal in wave of California attacks
Letters to the Editor
Opinion Universities can survive only with radical reform
Opinion A big opportunity for Obama and Lula
The Monitor's View Time to prepare for climate change
Some in Eastern Europe ask: What economic crisis?
Recessions expose financial scandals
YouthBuild: one stimulus model
Worries rise about a currency crisis
The Madoff case is only the beginning
EarthTalk: Can my cat be a vegetarian, too?
EarthTalk: What is the ‘green cities’ movement?
Electric cars charge ahead
Horizon highlights – New dimensions edition
The Rose of Sebastopol
Reality: The Novel
The books critics liked best in 2008
The country needs a corrector-general
Thanks for reading me – and occasionally laughing
Shuttle Discovery on track for Sunday launch, unless...
Six Picks: Recommendations from the Monitor staff
The trash of life is Elias Sime's art
Artists in survival mode as market crumbles
Over the hedge
Good-bye, privatization; hello, nationalization
Long-remembered heroism
Regaining our confidence
Bird seed prices soar