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Monitor Articles for March 11, 2009

Millions of Darfuris at greater risk with aid groups' removal
Lubanga's neighbors split over war crimes trial
Another Northern Ireland shooting: A return to the 'Troubles?'
In ruins for 18 months, a Palestinian enclave languishes in disrepair
China's crackdown in Tibet complicates US-Chinese ties
A display of sympathy
Why Hamas is even more popular after the Gaza war
Return to the Rift Valley
Controversial 'card check' bill back for fourth time
Omnibus bill's hidden item: a Democratic rift
Is Obama taking on too much?
OMG! Bristol and Levi are dunzo!
Obama spanks Limbaugh (in new poll)
New drug czar gets lower rank, promise of higher visibility
Limbaugh versus Carville on hoping presidents fail
US begins to reach out to Iran, but slowly and cautiously
Letters to the Editor
Opinion India: America's indispensable ally
Opinion Make Obama's home rescue plan a home run
The Monitor's View Doing time – outside prison
US legislation will stop Mexican truckers at the border
US states step up efforts to help jobless
Unions’ dilemma on layoffs: to compromise or not?
Obama to world: Jump-start thyself!
California’s climate change bill could top $100 billion
Newspaper failures are old news. It’s time to focus on solutions.
After 10 years, space station finally nears completion
Blur online maps to thwart terror, Calif. lawmaker says
Batteries that recharge in seconds
The Life You Can Save
1,000 Dollars & an Idea
Harry Potter books become collectibles
A mandolin revival creates 'The Montana Sound'
NASA's planet hunter is phoning home and lookin' good
Sturdy beans for a leaner budget
The traveling rice cooker
The lure of the chicken stock
Church that cannot be attacked
Robots tend the tomatoes